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Jim Jordan
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Jim Jordan
Classroom discipline has many angles and opinions. Discipline is not correction. Classroom discipline is something that starts from the moment your students come through your doors.

Jim talks about the positive, neutral and negative sides of discipline and suggest some ideas of nurturing a student and suggestions on what to do when a student crosses the line into the negative side.

One problem in today’s discipline is we give students way to much authority in certain situations.
We sometimes feel we have to bribe students to do the things we need them to do.
I will educate and entertain your next teacher conference or PD Day and explain how we can demoralize students when it comes to understanding the rules and how we correct discipline.

There are thousands of different scenarios that happen inside of a classroom. What we are trying to do is give some positive information so your teachers can go back to doing what they love to do without all the disruptions of misbehaving students.
Our content is derived from Fred Wyeld. Fred (now retired) was one of Canada’s leading business advisors on behavioural solutions and motivation.
This content is very entertaining. Your teachers will leave with tools to aid them in managing their classroom.
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