Hi Jim. I wanted to say thank you very much for your visit to our school on the 20th of November.

The energy you helped create was wonderful and we've had many staff and students comment on how much they enjoyed the assembly. It was excellent.

 Thanks again! I've already passed your name along to several colleagues. All the best.

 Kevin Dorscht - Child and Youth Counsellor
 College Heights S.S.
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By focusing on the behaviour of the bystanders it allows the students to lead themselves in self discovery helping them to choose what is right and wrong.

 In order to attack the bullying we need to build a solid foundation.

First we'll educate your students on what bullying really is by understanding the indicators and what forms of bullying occur in high school.

Second we'll guide your students in understanding the importance of bystanders in bullying situations. When they're complacent they're complicit.

Third we offer your school a full anti bullying follow up program. You can use it all or take what you need to enhance your anti bullying program.
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