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Hi Jim,
Thank you for your presentation and also for making last minute changes with respect to the Safety requirements that Sandy requested - very much appreciated!
You'll be happy to hear that your presentation was well recieved by all! Not only did you provide humour and entertaining stories - but you also delivered a message that I hope will have a lasting impression on all. They enjoyed it very much - and talked about it, which is a good thing as you know. They especially enjoyed the lottery tickets story!!
If we are looking for a speaker at our next training session - we will keep you in mind. Thanks again Jim.
It was a pleasure working with you.
Good wishes, Preeka
Exhibition Place-Toronto Ontario
Your "Plug the Tub" keynote presentation was well received by our conference participants, with such comments as:
"Enthusiastic!", "Held my attention the entire session", "Good information presented in an engaging way", "Funny", "Humorous"
Ingrid Norrish (IMPAC Co-Chair)
Canadian and American corporate conventions always start off right with international speaker-entertainer and author Jim Jordan.
Everyone loves magic, and they also love easy to apply practical steps that will motivate them to demonstrate and create an atmosphere of
better behaviour and respect in the workplace.
“Plug the Tub” keynote hits home with everyone.
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I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed today's speaker Jim Jordan. The occasion was pure pleasure, and I believe very effective. I love how he managed to customize it to The Centre and promote The Centre, without it sounding like a commercial. I was very impressed. Everyone around me agreed that he gave an exceptional presentation.
Thank you so very much,
Hellen Recoskie Employment Counsellor Job Opportunities for Youth