Many thanks for sharing your positive, energizing message about leadership and dealing with bullying behaviours - and of course, for your spell-binding presentation! Your work is certain to have made a difference in the lives of YK1 educators.

Reanna Erasmus, Trustee-Vice Chairperson
Workplace Testimonial
Workplace Anti Bullying Speaker
Workplace bullying affects everyone and can also bring the value of your business down.
This keynote has many different angles on how our behaviour affects other people.
This presentation is great for any size business.
Our action packed workplace bullying keynote presentation focuses on...

  1. What is bullying and how to become proactive?

2. Workplace behaviours that create positive results.

  1. The role of the bystanders

Jim has the experience and knowledge to do the job right, Jim has been speaking on bullying for over 10 years all across Canada and the USA.
We can help you reduce bullying, harassment & intimidation
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