I am delighted to offer this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jim Jordan. I recently had the pleasure of attending his corporate presentation workshop. Mr. Jordan demonstrated his love for speaking, with his marvelous sense of humour and presentation techniques. I was thrilled to learn new techniques to motivate employees. It is without hesitation that I recommend Jim Jordan for your next conference event, staff development day, company training session, MC duties or your chapter/association meeting. Your audience, staff and members will not be disappointed.
Adele Alfano
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It can be difficult to find time to have a motivational speaker come in and speak to your staff. However, with a fun educational 45 to 60 minute “Lunch & Learn”, your staff can learn easy practical ideas that they can start to apply right away to create a motivating workplace environment.
So consider having a fun, educational lunch and learn to reward your staff and keep a motivated staff eager to work together in a motivating, respectful and safe working environment.
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Author of four books on bullying.

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We can help you reduce bullying, harassment & intimidation
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