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Elementary School Speaker

"Making a Magical Transformation into High School"
Targets the Senior Students (Grades 7 and 8) Keynote: (50-60minutes) Enhances their personal skills within themselves

° Finding their transferable skills (talents & skills) ° Discovering their passions ° Showing them how important it is to visualize ° Working with their guidance teacher to set goals

I will captivate your students with a fun-filled presentation through the use of sleight of hand illusions.
They will feel energetic, enthusiastic & enriched while I deliver the fundamental principles that will change their lives on becoming successful at home, at school, and in their future career.
Keeping the student’s attention with audience participation and creating a game show atmosphere is the key to retaining this information.
The show has non-stop action to keep their attention throughout. My goal is to make them understand the importance of education.

School Testimonial

Jim Jordan was a hit! A HUGE thank you to our PTO for their financial support in getting this amazing speaker to our school.
In addition to his presentation, we are receiving continued support through a website set up by Mr. Jordan just for our school. I encourage you to visit the parent page of this site. The address is
http://www.parentingsession.com/parentshome.htm. There will also be a link to this page on the Counselor Corner page of the Ridge View website.
Students said:
"That was awesome!" Amari Branch "I liked him. I learned that if someone is left alone ask them to play." Lizzy Taylor "I thought he was funny" Brett Iiam "He was magic; I learned to treat people the way you want to be treated" Jerron Aldridge Teachers said:
"I could not be more pleased. He reinforced what we are teaching our students. A bully is someone who is mean to you over and over again." Mrs. Coltrin
"That was the best presentation I have ever seen in my 8 years of teaching" Mrs. Ritter "I thought it was fantastic!" Mrs. Ruhnke "I thought he did a great job, the kids were engaged with relevant learning and he taught then what to do (if they see a bully problem) in a positive way."
"He was VERY good and motivational." Mrs. Smith