We can help you reduce bullying, harassment & intimidation

@ Schools - Workplace - Community


All grade levels

Each presentation is set for their grade and age level. We offer PK-2 3-5 6-8 9-12

Teacher Training

What is your role?

 It’s imperative that teachers understand what bullying is and their role.

Parenting Assembly

What parents need to know

Parents will learn what bullying is and how to work with the school so we are all on the same page.

Workplace Bullying

Harassment - Intimidation

Your staff will learn how to reduce H.I.B to create a safe and motivating environment.

Primary Anti Bullying Speaker

(Primary program works in combination with the elementary school assembly)

Our goal through character education is to teach your primary students how to be the best school in your area by caring for their school, teachers, and each other.

By explaining how important it is to make friends and to build these friendships into long lasting relationships, it will help prevent the students from being bullied in later years.

It's simple… Most bullies pick on students who have no friends, which is why it is important to start these friendships early in life.

Our team has put together character education exercises for teachers to use asafollow-upp after the presentation. Refer to these exercises weekly and over the school year.

Teacher and parent sessions are also available. If we all join in we'll create a safe school environment for all of our children.

School Testimonial

We were fortunate to have booked Jim Jordan for two presentations early in the school year. The presentations were focused on taking responsibility for our actions to enhance our freedom to make the right choices by speaking up when they witness bullying at school.

Jim wove his natural speaking talents into moments of magic to draw out a point and to reinforce key elements of his talk. The students were motivated to listen and to respond throughout the presentation utilizing a number of effective techniques throughout the 50 min presentations.

Both staff and parents were very impressed with Jim's management of the students and the clear messages of responsibility and respect that were his key messages. For any community that is endeavouring to address "bullying" within their school or may be establishing a leadership team, Jim Jordan is a terrific way to commence your efforts.

We intend on prevailing upon Jim to speak to our children again in the spring.

Tom Durran, Principal, St Timothy Catholic Elementary School