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Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan

Middle School Anti Bullying Speaker

Research shows that direct and indirect bullying incidents escalate in middle school, and it all comes down to behavior.

Good behavior usually receives good results. The problem with bullying is that the bully is constantly demonstrating bad behavior and yet receives good results. This bad behavior is continuously occurring around the corner from the people in authority. So how can we help?

Our anti-bullying school programs and follow-up exercises help educate bystanders in their role and teach them that the right thing to do is to speak up and tell someone in authority.

Speaking up is the key, so let us educate, engage and entertain your students to get them on the right track towards eliminating bullying in their school.

Anti Bullying Middle School Speaker
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School Testimonial

This was a superb presentation. I think the kids really got a lot out of it. I would love for him to come back every year. Our kids really, really need this.
• My students REALLY enjoyed the presentation!
• Thumbs Up! Great! Fantastic! Incredible!
• I thought it was a good presentation and it kept the students involved. I like that he focused on the words he was using, almost like a vocabulary lesson. He had just enough magic in his presentation to get them interested without that being the focus of each talk. Over all a great job!
• I think it was effective...it was on the student's level and something they could relate to...I know it hit home with some of mine...gave them something to think about 🙂
• Loved it....the kids seemed to love it as well.
• Great call on having them come!
• I thought he did a great presentation. I would like to have it at the beginning and middle of the school year to remind students of their responsibilities.
• Loved it!
• I enjoyed the presentation and I think the kids really did too. They were talking about it for a while...especially the magic parts! I hope a little actually sank in and they learned something! I think I'm going to do a writing follow-up activity this afternoon.
• You know how I feel. But if you need it in writing, loved it!
• I thought it was great. Great control of K - 2
• I thought it was a great way to get the students involved and bring to attention how to treat and react if a bully is bothering them.
• It was a very motivational program.
• I thought it was excellent!
• Loved the message.
• I enjoyed it. He gave great examples and definitions for the younger students. He put it on a level they would understand.
• I thought it was GREAT!

Stephanie Wheat
Guidance Coordinator/RtI
ESE Teacher
Volunteer/Mentor Coordinator
Mary Esther School