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Middle School Anti Bullying Speaker

Research shows that direct and indirect bullying incidents escalate in middle school, and it all comes down to behavior.
Good behavior usually receives good results. The problem with bullying is that the bully is constantly demonstrating bad behavior and yet receives good results. This bad behavior is continuously occurring around the corner from the people in authority. So how can we help?
Middle school students will be attentive with this interactive . By using a backdoor approach I will not preach to students but instead allow the students to lead themselves in self discovery to choose what is right and what is wrong and what to do when they see bullying or violence in school, on the school bus, or on their way to and/or from school.
In order to attack the bullying we need to build a solid foundation. Firstly, students will gain knowledge on how to accomplish independence by understanding responsibility, integrity and respect – directing them to earn the freedom that they all want. I will show them not only how to receive more independence but I will also show them how to act with this new found freedom.
In the Second half of this anti bullying assembly, emphasis is focused on the students that are watching the bullying going on and saying nothing (complacent). One of the many problems is that the students being bullied just don’t have the strength or courage to do anything about it. Therefore addressing the students that watch the bully and saying nothing makes them guilty (complicit) of the bullying as well. So educating your students in accepting that their independence is part of their responsibility to report the bullying in school will help to stop fueling the bully and allow the students to stop being part of the problem and instead be part of the solution by speaking up.

Our anti bullying school programs and follow-up exercises help educate bystanders in their role and teach them that the right thing to do is to speak up and tell someone in authority.
Speaking up is the key, so let us educate, engage and entertain your students to get them on the right track towards eliminating bullying in their school.